July 12, 2017


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We wanted to give our sister when pregnant, a gift with love and care. However, we found ourselves running around trying to find a bunch of items to put together and gift it to her. Items that she would require for comfort and relaxation, items that would aid her in her journey and provide a bit of relaxation and express our love for her with the gifts. We wanted to give her LOVE.IN.A.BOX. So while making these boxes, we think about the moms of the daughter that is pregnant, the husband of the pregnant wife, the friend of the pregnant friend and we think, wouldn't it just be easier to buy a curated box that someone made for their loved one when their loved one was pregnant? Someone who has been through the trials and tribulations of searching for presents? This is to make life easier and provide you with ideas and comfort in your journey but also for all the loved ones of the pregnant mama that want to gift them LOVE.IN.A.BOX.

From our first pregnancy experience, the struggle of searching for a variety of items was overwhelming. Co-Founded in Edmonton, we have combined our experience of pregnancy and local businesses to deliver comfort to you.

Prior to providing you these boxes full of love, our research team discovered the essential items that will aid you in your pregnancy.

In order for others to have a great experience with minimal effort, we decided to bring these PreggoBoxes to you. Our goal with this service is:

  • Delivering love and support in a box

  • Providing honest goods at a fair price

  • Supporting and energizing local small businesses

  • Become partners in your journey

  • And most of all bringing relaxation and peace of mind to mommies-to-be

Our vision is to be the ultimate provider of relaxation and support to mothers.

We provide a PreggoBox for each trimester full of goods from local and global suppliers for pregnant women - We help make the 9-Month journey a sweet one.
So, here it is. Check out the 'love in a box' you could be delivering to your loved and cherished mommy-to-be today <3

With so many subscription boxes to choose from, PreggoBox is proud to be a leader in the industry, showing all of our customers the quality and care they deserve with every unique box.

At PreggoBox, we believe in creating unique experiences for all of our customers. We offer subscriptions that let you enjoy life and receive sweet surprises more often. You save money and time, which simplifies your life and allows you to do more of the things you love. Learn more about our offerings and sign up today.

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